Chinese for Families is a Chinese language children's publisher. We  want to help families learn Chinese at home together.

We produce & publish songs and stories for kids who want to learn Mandarin as a second language. It's never to early or to late to start. We believe in child-centered learning through play -- kids learn best when they are having fun. We create fun CDs, books, games & more to help kids sing and tell stories. All our products undergo classroom testing with multiple age levels.

Chinese for Families offers classes using our unique methods and materials in greater Philadelphia and online. 

Founder & Director

Anne Martin-Montgomery 馬安妮


Founder Chinese for Families

My name is Anne & I love teaching.

I have worked with children, teens and adults teaching anthropology, Western Civilization and Chinese language for over 7 years.  My corporate and government training experience spans over 20 years.  I now live in Perth.  I have degrees are in International Relations (BA), Middle East Studies (MA), and Anthropology (MSc and unfinished PhD).  I have worked for the US military, the University of Pennsylvania Museum, Aventis Pharmaceuticals, and founded Chinese for Families.   I love kids, teaching, history and anthropology.  I have current Working with Children and State Police Background checks.

I wrote Pre-Adoption Trip Chinese, and co-authored Lang Wai Po, Fun with Pinyin & Bopomofo, Nursery Rhymes I, and Monkey King I & II with Janice Staynings. I wrote a quarterly language and culture column for Mei Magazine.

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